About ZhenNymph


Henn Zakai, creator and founder of ZhenNymph, has been designing and making her own clothes since her teenage years.  
In 2007, as a natural evolution of her creative inspiration to design unique, feminine, and fun pieces, ZhenNymph was born.  
Her passion is channeled by the desire to produce in a conscious and ethical way; economic for both the environment and the wearer.  
Comfort and style collide in this slow-fashion labor of love that is the voice and vision of the unique and spirited.


OUR OWN FACTORY (that’s right!)-

All of ZhenNymph’s garments are lovingly hand sewn in a small family owned factory that Henn created together with a family in Rajasthan India.

Our home based factory is an intimate family environment that is producing garments solely for ZhenNymph, in very small batches.  And as we are a small business, our only handful of tailors are a part of the entire exciting process of creating a new design, from witnessing Henn’s ideas and drawings and to the final first successful sample (the most satisfying of feelings! :)).


Henn's vision is creating an inclusive brand that is fair all around. Treating our fellow human beings with respect and care. From manufacturing to pricing, we do our very best to pay more than fair wages while making a point being affordable. Because we want slow-fashion to be available for everyone. 


We believe in slow and organic growth and only re-make what we see you love and want more of.


Most of the fabrics are either natural fibers or dead-stock fabrics (hence why most of our prints won’t come back to stock).


Combining all of the above Henn was able to create a line that bypass a lot of the harsher elements in the fashion industry.  No mass production.  No catalogs.  No middle men.  From our loving hands to yours.  This approach is gentler on us and on our planet.